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NML-IIME Invited Lecture on REE-15Nov2023 Current News

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NML-IIME Invited Lecture on REE-15Nov2023 link

IIME Awards-2018
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International Seminar on Mineral Processing Technology
Date: 16-18 December, 2019
Venue: Hyderabad
First Circular: Download
Second circular Download-2 www.mpt2019.org
Date for Abstract submission: 15-Nov-2019 (Extended )

Intl. Geological Congress-2020
Duration: 2-8 March, 2020
Venue: New Delhi
Organiser: IGC, GSI,
Website to submit abstract: www.36igc.org
Third Circular:

Protocol for joining Yahoogroups IIME ECM2016 or IIME GB

IIME- Jamshedpur Chapter
C/o R&D, Tata Steel
P.O.- Burma Mines
Jamshedpur -831007
State- Jharkhand

Chapter Committee
CC- President : Mr. Atul Bhatnagar, Chief Tech. Officer, Natural Resource Division, Tata Steel (E-mail: atul.bhatnag @tatasteel.com)
CC- Vice President Dr. A. K. Mukherjee, R&D, Tata Steel
Dr. C Raghu Kumar, Process Technology Group, Tata Steel
Dr. Ratnakar Singh, CSIR-NML Jamshedpur
CC- Secretary Dr. Veerendra Singh, FAMR Gr, R&D Dept., Tata Steel (E-mail: veerendra.singh@tatasteel.com)
CC Joint Secretary : Dr A. K. Singh, R&D, UCIL
Mr. Sunil Kumar Tripathy, R&D Dept., Tata Steel
CC -Treasurer : Mr. Arijit Das, R&D Dept., Tata Steel
CC - Members : Mr. M. C. Thomas, GM, OMQ
Dr. Rajesh Mukherjee, NRD, Noamundi Iron Ore Mines, Tata Steel
Dr. Y. Rajshekar, Technology Group, Tata Steel
Mr. Sanjay Singh, GM, Tata Steel
Mr. Manish Singh, GM, Tata Steel
Dr. Shobhana Dey, Pr. Sct., CSIR-NML Jamshedpur
Dr. Vidhyadhar, Scientist, NML, Jamshedpur
Mr. D. Srinivas, R&D Tata Steel
Mr. Vimal Kumar Chandaliya, R&D Tata Steel
Mr. G. V. Sataynarayan, Process Technology, Tata Steel
Dr. M. K. Mohanta, CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur
Mr. P.V.T. Rao, Retd. Officer, Tata Steel
Mr. Y. Ramamurthy, R&D, Tata Steel
Mr. B. Manjunath, Usha Martin, Jamshedpur
Mr. M K Sheshadri, Tata Sponge Iron Ltd, Joda
CC- Patron : Dr. I. Chattoraj, Director, NML
Mr. Chanakya Chaudhary, VP Raw Materials, Tata Steel
Mr. C. K. Asnani, CMD, UCIL
CC- Advisor : Dr. Sanjay Chandra, R&D Tata Steel
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Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers,
C/o MNP Division, National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur - 831007, Jharkhand, India.