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Recent Developments in Mineral Processing and Mechanical Activation of solids
Duration: 22 Feb-2019 (One day)
Venue: CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur
Organiser: CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur Chapter of MRSI & IIME
Brochure: Download

Intl. Geological Congress-2020
Duration: 2-8 March, 2020
Venue: New Delhi
Organiser: IGC, GSI,
Early Bird Registration: 15.02.2019 onwards
Brochure: Download


To recognise the contributions made by individuals in the field of Mineral Processing, IIME has instituted the following awards which are presented during its General Body Meeting / Annual Technical Meeting :

(i) IIME Mineral/Coal Beneficiation Award ward - R&D/ Academic :

Academic/R&D, for the R&D and/or academic contributions made by the nominee in the field of Mineral/Coal Beneficiation. The award is given in the form of a plaque.

(ii) IIME Mineral/Coal Beneficiation Award - Industrial Practice :

Industrial Practice, for the nominee's contributions to plant practice in the field of Mineral/Coal beneficiation. The award is given in the form of a plaque.

(iii) IIME Best Paper Awards (Published) :

These awards are for the Best Papers published, one in each of the following areas, during the calendar year by Indians working in India in any National or International Journals :

a) Mineral Processing
b) Ore Characterisation
c) Electro & Hydrometallurgy, Bio-processing (Mishra Award), and
d) Environment Topics Related to Mineral Processing (Tamotia Award)

(iv) IIME Best Paper Awards (Presented) :

Those awards are for the best papers presented in the Annual technical meeting of IIME in the following areas.

a) Mineral Characterisation (Peravadhanulu Award), and
b) Mineral Beneficiation (Khare Award)
c) Electro & Hydrometallurgy, Bio-processing (Mishra Award), and
d) Environment Topics Related to Mineral Processing (Tamotia Award)

(v) Felicitations

The Institute periodically honors the Experts for their outstanding contributions in the field of Mineral Engineering. Plaque(s) with citation is generally awarded to the recipient(s) during the Annual General Body Meeting.


Awards & Felicitations

IIME Mineral Beneficiation Award

(Late) Dr. K. K. Majumder

Late P. I. A. Narayanan

Dr. R. Choudhury (1994)

Prof. P. C. Kapoor (1998)

Dr. Pradip (2000)

Prof. K A Natarajan (2001)

Shri M. R. Jakhu (2002)

Shri D. M. R. Sekhar (2002)

Prof. S.P. Mehrotra (2003)

Mr. A.D. Baijal (2004)

Dr. V.N. Misra (2004)

Dr. G.V. Rao (2005)

Prof. S. Subramanian(2006)

Dr. N.P.H. Padmanabhan(2006)

IIME Coal Beneficiation Award :

Prof. G. G. Sarkar

Prof. T. C. Rao (1998)

Dr. Kalyan Sen (2000)

Shri P. V. T. Rao (2001)

Prof. A. Ghosh(2002)

No Award (2003)

Dr. S. Bhattacharjya(2004)

Dr. J.P. Barnwal(2005)

Prof. R. Venugopal(2006)

IIME Mineral/Coal Beneficiation Award - R&D/Academic :

Prof. B.K. Mishra (2007)

Dr. B. D. Pandey (2008)

Mr. L. B. Sukla (2009)

Dr. Nikkam Suresh (2009)

Mr. K. K. Bhattacharyya (2010)

Dr. B. Das (2010)

Mr. P. S. R. Reddy (2010)

Dr. B. P. Baruah (2011)

Dr. S. K. Biswal (2011)

Dr. Ratnakar Singh (2013)

Dr. Asim Kumar Mukherjee (2014), (IIME-MBA- R&D) Head, Raw Mat. Res. Group, Tata Steel, Jamshedpur

Dr. Arun Kumar Majumder (2014), (IIME-MBA- Acad) Assoc. Prof., IIT, Kharagpur

Dr. T. Sreenivas (2015), SO (H), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

Dr. Kamala Kanta Sahu (2015), Principal Scientist, CSIR- National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur-831007

Dr. T. Gouri Charan (2015), Head, Coal Preparation Division, CSIR- Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research, Dhanbad

Dr. Binoy K. Saikia (2015), Head, Coal Chemistry Division, CSIR-North East Instittute of Science & Technology, Jorhat

IIME Mineral/Coal Beneficiation Award - Industrial Practice :

Dr. G. Bhaskarraju & Dr. S. Prabhakar, NML Madras centre, Chennai (2007)

Dr. S.Mohan Rao, Tata Steel Ltd, Jamshedpur (2007)

Dr. P. K. Banerjee (2008)

Mr. Ch. V. G. K. Murty (2008)

No Award (2009)

No Award (2010)

No Award (2011)


Dr. A. Bandyopadhyay, CDE Asia Ltd. (2013)

Mr. Subir Kumar Sett (2014), (IIME-MBA- IP) Assoc. Dir. (Technology Support & Key Account Management), Outotec India, Kolkata

Mr. Janaki Ram Adapa (2015), Associate General Manager, Rampur-Dariba Mines, HZL, Udaipur

Dr. G. Prabhulingaiah (2015), Freelance Consultant, Xanthate Technologies, Vizag

Felicitations :

1998 Dr. R. N. Sharma, Prof. A. K. Biswas, Dr. N. K. Rao, Dr. K. K. Dwivedi, Shri G. M. Rao and  Dr. K. S. Narsimhan,

2000 Prof. T. C. Rao, Shri A. N. Bose, Prof. H. S. Ray, Dr. R. K. Sahoo and Shri N. Chakravorty

2001 Prof. P. Ramachandra Rao, Prof. D. D. Misra and Shri A. C. Wadhawan

2002 Prof. P. C. Kapoor, Dr. T. K. Mukherjee, Shri S. Murari , Dr. Amit Chatterjee and Mr. Tripati

2003 Prof. S. Venkatachalam

2004 Prof. P.R. Khangaonkar, Mr. V.S. Pradhan and Mr. K.S. Raju

2005 Mr. R. Gupta and Mr. G.C. Mrig

2006 Shri S.B.Vora, Shri S.C. Maulik and Shri T.R.R.Rao

2007 Dr. C. K. Gupta, Mr. C.P.S. Nair and Mr. N.N. Subrahamanyam

2008 Dr. R. K. Grag, Dr. T. Mukherjee, Prof. R. Mallikarjuna and Mr. M. Mohanka

2009 Prof. K. A. Natarajan and Mr. P.V.T. Rao

2010 Mr. K. S. Koppiker, Mr. J. P. Srivastava and Prof. B. K. Sahu

2011 Mr. K. Siva Prasad, HZL


Mr. N. D. Rao, Director, BRPL Ltd., Dr. Meda Venkataiah, Executive Director, MSPL Ltd., Mr. P.S.R. Reddy, Chief Scientist, CSIR-IMMT

Mr. C. M. Purohit, Vice President (Mining Sales), Metso India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
Mr. V. V. Ramarao, Head, R&D, Trimex Sands Pvt. Ltd., Srikakulam
Dr. Krshna Deo Sharma, Formerly Head, CRDL, Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Udaipur

Mr. Chandrakant S. Gundewar, Former Controller General, Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur
Mr. M. K. Sampath, Former CEO, Pellet Project (India), Essar Steel Ltd., Vizag
Mr. K. K. Bhattacharyya, Former Chief Scientist & Head, Mineral Processing Division, CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur

Best Chapter Award :

i) IIME- Best Chapter Award: IIME Bhubaneswar Chapter and IIME Jamshedpur Chapter
ii) IIME- Emerging Chapter IIME: Hyderabad Chapter
Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers,
C/o MNP Division, National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur - 831007, Jharkhand, India.