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Formation of IIME :

At a symposium on Mineral Dressing held at Varanasi on 2nd Jan 1968, it was decided to form an Institute for Mineral Engineers with a view to promote the advancement of science and technology of Mineral Dressing in India. The name of the Institute was proposed to be Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers and the registered office of the Association should be in Bombay in the premises of M/s. Mineral Process Equipments, Marol Maroshi Road, Andheri, Bombay-59, but the mailing address would be: C/o. Metallurgy Division, Engi­neering Hall No. 4, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Bombay-85, for some time. Accordingly, a Memorandum of Association including the Rules and Regulations were prepared and submitted to the Assistant Registrar of Societies, Greater Bombay on 31.08.69. The Society got registered on 12th November, 1969 with the name of "Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers, (IIME)" under the Societies Registration Act No. XXI, 1860 and the Registration No. was given as Bom 155/69 G.B.B.S.D.

Since 1972, the Headquarter is situated at National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur with the mailing address of C/o MNP Division, National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur 831 007, Jharkhand, India

Governing body of the Association

The Governing body is the Executive Council as constituted by the Rules and Regulations of the Associa­tion.

The First Executive Council

The following dignitaries were the members of the first the Executive Committee in 1969.

President : Dr. K. K. Majumdar  
  Scientific Officer Head, Ore Dressing Section, Engg. Hall 4,B.A.R., Bombay.85  
Vice-President : Prof. R. Mallikarjunan  
  Professor, Dept. of Met. Engg., Indian Instt. of Tech., Powai,Bombay- 76.
Secretary: Shri. S. N. Degaleesan  
  Scientific Officer, Ore Dressing Seen., Engineering Hal! 4 B.A.R.C.,Trombay, Bombay-85 .  
Treasurer : Dr. S. Venkatachalam  
  Lecturer, Dept. of Met. Eng., Indian Institute of Technology, Powai,Bombay-76  
Members : Dr. V. A, Altekar  
  Director, National Metallurgi­caI Laboratory, Jamshedpur-7.  
  Dr A. K. Biswas Biography Link  
  Associate Professor, Dept. of Met. Engg.,Indian Instt. of Tech.,Kanpur.  
  Shri. R. N. Khare  
  Metallurgist & Officer ­in-charge, Concentrator, Indian Copper Corpn,Ghatsila, Bihar  
  Prof. K. K. Krishnamurthy,
  Professor, Dept of Mining Engg , Osmania Uni­versity, Hyderabad-7.  
  Dr. R. Krishnaswamy,
  Partner, Mineral Process Equipment, Marol Maroshi Road, Andheri,Bombay-59.  
  Shri C. R. V. Narasappa,  
  Chief Metallurgist, Nundy Drug Mines, Oorgum (K. G. F.) Mysore  
  Shri P. S. Narayana  
  Director, Engg. & Mineral Ind., Research Laboratory 13, 1st Cross, Bangalore-3  
  Shri P. I. A. Narayanan  
  Officer-.in-charge (OD) National Metallurgi­cal Laboratory, Jamshedpur-7.  
  Dr. C C. Patel  
  Professor, Dept. of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  Shri V. S. Pradhan  
  Superintendent, Ore Dressing Division Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur  
  Shri J. R. Sampat  
  Senior Metallurgist Hindustan Copper Ltd., P. O. Khetri, Dist, Jhunjunu, (Rajasthan)  
  Shri J. Y. Somnay  
  Chief Project Engineer Indian Rare Earths Ltd., Pil Court, 111, Queen's Road, Bombay-l (BR)  

Past Presidents and Secretaries

  President Secretary Duration
1 Dr. K K Mazumder, BARC Shri S N Degaleesan, BARC Nov, 1969-April, 1978
2 Prof. V A Altekar, Director, NML Prof. V A Altekar, Director, NML April, 1978-April, 1985
3 Dr. R N Sharma, MD, Tinplate Co Shri N Chaklravorty April, 1985-April, 1988
4 Shri M K Batra, CMD, UCIL Shri U K Tewari, UCIL April, 1988-April, 1990
5 Shri P R Sinha, CMD, BCCL Shri S Chattopadhyay, BCCL April, 1990-April, 1992
6 Prof. T C Rao, Director, RRL (BHO) Shri D M Chakrabarti April, 1992-April,1994
7 Prof. T C Rao, Director, RRL (BHO) Shri K K Bhattacharyya, NML April, 1994-April 1996
8 Prof. H S Ray, Director, RRL (BHU) Shri K K Bhattacharyya, NML April, 1996-April 1998
9 Prof. H S Ray, Director, RRL (BHU) Shri M I Ansari, RRL, BBSR April, 1998-April 2000
10 Prof. S P Mehrotra, IIT, Kanpur Shri K K Bhattacharyya, NML April 2000-Feb 2002
11 Mr. K. S. Raju , CG, IBM Nagpur Shri K K Bhattacharyya, NML Feb 2002- Feb 2004
12 Dr. V.N.Mishra,Director, RRL Bhubaneswar Shri K K Bhattacharyya, NML Feb 2004- March2006
13 Dr. Pradip TRDDC Dr. Ratnakar Singh Mar 2006 - April 2008
14 Dr. A. D. Baijal, Tata Steel Dr. Ratnakar Singh April 2008 - December 2010
15 Prof. R. Venugopal, ISM, Dhanbad Dr. Ratnakar Singh, CSIR-NML Jan 2011-Dec2013
16 Prof. B. K. Mishra, Director, CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar, Dr. M. K. Mohanta, Pr. Scientist, CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur Jan 2014- Dec 2016
17 Prof. B. K. Mishra, Director, CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar, Dr. M. K. Mohanta, Pr. Scientist, CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur Jan 2016- Oct 2018


Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers,
C/o MNP Division, National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur - 831007, Jharkhand, India.